Edward Panos, Language Access Network, And Panos Industries Co-founder

February 08, 2016
Mr. Edward Panos is a prominent business person who has spent 19 years as a venture capitalist, start-up entrepreneur, and fund consultant.  He is a co-founder of his firms including Language Access Network, Inc., which deals in video interpreting with the primary focus on medical industry. Panos Industries, LLC; is another a company whose  interest is building and investing in high growth companies, and Indie Film Funding, Inc. which is a funding platform that raises funds to support Indie movie industry and Bridges360.

Mr. Panos acquired his higher education at the University of Montana and became a member of Sigma Chi fraternal organization while at the University. Currently, Edward Panos resides at Utah in Park City with his wife; Allison Panos. They have two children, both girls. Mr. Panos has dedicated his life to assisting people. The needy, addicts, homeless and less fortunate members of society have all benefitted from his philanthropic acts.

Apart from helping people, he has a keen interest in ensuring peace and harmony prevail in the society. He volunteers every Wednesday to help those in need of clothes and other items of necessity at the Christian Centre. He also takes part in the protection of Salt Lake as he joined the lake's rescue mission.  Edward Panos is a fun loving too. He takes part in the golf games when out of official duties. Skiing and hiking are other games that Edward enjoys during his leisureliness. He also loves his family of three and likes being around them especially the two daughters.